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"My experience working with Laura was positive and productive. When I considered hiring her, I felt I’d lost my work/home life balance and was self-critical. With her help, I identified what I called the ‘Big Rocks’ in my life both at work and at home. My actions are now aligned to my values. I was impressed with her ability to refrain from sharing opinions and telling me what to do. She helped me reflect to analyze my own thoughts, 
actions and solutions. The end result was creating a vision for myself as a leader, with an action plan to make it a reality. I gladly give my highest recommendation of Laura Gleisner. I have no doubt she can help you become a Mindful Leader at work and at home."

Chris Medenwaldt
Principal - Monroe High School


 "I have been blessed to utilize Laura's coaching talents on many occasions over the past three years. She has helped me overcome professional and personal challenges when no other avenues had worked for me. Amidst Laura's myriad of strengths, lies her tremendous ability to help others find clarity on issues and uncover their own solutions with simple steps to enact change. I've made many positive and lasting changes in my career and personal life as a result of Laura's coaching. Each time I consulted with Laura, I left feeling understood, cared about and empowered."

Kristin Bott

Mindful Wellness


"I would recommend Laura Gleisner of Mindful Leadership to education professionals interested in becoming more collaborative, efficient and 
intentional. Laura's coaching style will bring clarity, and create next steps. I realized my strengths and style as a leader, co-designed a clear vision for my staff,  defined and maintained focus to realize our vision.  We successfully created and maintained an engaged and happier culture in the workplace. Thanks to Laura's coaching, I have accelerated my career with a promotion to Superintendent of Schools. I work with Laura consistently to improve my communication, performance and productivity."

Dan Grady

Superintendent Marshall School District



 "Laura's ability to coach in both personal and professional arenas, enables clients to move through and beyond any issue and to take the right action at the right time. Her acute listening skills, trusted explorations, and laser questioning provide the perfect blend of expertise for any individual, team, or organization. Laura is my "go to" coach because the insights gleaned from each session guide me to direct the results I desire."

Kathy Larson

Coaching for Infinite Results






Beloit Turner School District
Cedarburg School District
Wisconsin Department of Instruction (DPI)

Mineral Point School District

Milton School District
La Crosse School District
Lake Mills Elementary School
Monroe School District
Wisconsin State Reading Association (WSRA)
Wisconsin RTL
Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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