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Perfect for a girl’s night in! Soul Dives are mini-coaching workshops that are fun and feel like therapy for your soul. With several options to choose from, you and your girlfriends can choose a topic and activity most relevant. Preparation is intended to be simple and easy. All you need are 5 to 7 of your closest friends, drinks and dessert!

(Does not have to be a dessert, it is just a nice alliteration with the word “drinks”.)


 Doodling with Destiny 

Perfect for those who are ready for something different in their life. Participants create a doodle sketch of their current reality and then open the floodgates to dream and draw something bigger and better for themselves! Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of who they are, what they want and how to begin their journey to a life they love!

 Gaia Card Reading & Interpretation 

Have a question you’d like to ask the universe for guidance? Wondering how you got to where you are and how to move forward? Participants ask a question and randomly select a Gaia Oracle card* spread for additional insights. Each person will receive individualized intuitive coaching to interpret the cards meaning for their unique situation.

*Gaia cards help individuals tap into their subconscious to explore situations more broadly and deeply. These are not Tarot cards.

 Future Self Meditation & Exploration 

Similar to the Doodling with Destiny mini- workshop, participants are guided through a 20 minute guided meditation to explore their future selves. After the meditation, participants draw and journal responses to exploratory questions. Each participant receives individualized coaching to interpret their visualization from colors, to symbols.

Soul Dives average in length around 2-3 hours.
Investment is $40/person, host is complimentary.

Thank you and I will be in contact
with you shortly!

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