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A coach believes their client is the expert in their work and life. As an expert in listening, problem-solving processes and perspective coaching, I partner with my clients in conversations to increase their awareness of all possibilities and perspectives. By asking questions from the outside, they are able to look inside themselves to realize their own solutions and come up with next steps that make the most sense for their leadership style and situational context.  

What are the Benefits of Working with a Coach?

 More convenient, affordable, and RELEVANT than attending conferences that require travel, hotel stays and conference fees. 

 Individualized to your professional needs and interests. 

 Provides greater insight into yourself and leadership style. 

 Increases emotional, social and relationship intelligence. 

 Accelerates achievement of professional goals. 

 Rejuvenates passion and motivation. 

How do I Know if Your Services are a Good Fit for Me?

I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation so I can learn more about your needs, expectations and goals. It’s also an opportunity for potential clients to experience me and my approach. 

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