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“Elevating our relationship intelligence and communication skills is key to building work environments that create energy rather than drain it.”

Laura Gleisner, MS, PCC



Laura Gleisner, BSE, MS, PCC is a communication specialist, professional leadership coach and founder of Mindful Leadership. Laura trains leaders and teams in mindful communication techniques to create a healthy work environment, and increase satisfaction, results, productivity and profits. As a coach, she works with leaders to decrease burnout and increase resilience, work life satisfaction and professional impact. She is also the creator of the MPOWER Coaching Model™ and the MPOWER Facilitation Model™ that supports focused, productive and efficient conversations and meetings

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When Laura is not working, you may find her investing time with: 



Laura treasures time spent with her husband Bob golfing, traveling and playing with their dog Dré.


Happiest when she is active and outside, Laura loves biking, hiking, rock climbing, downhill skiing, and tennis. 


Friends and family keep Laura balanced. Whether working out together, grabbing coffee or engaging in insightful discussions about books and life, time with friends leaves her feeling happy, healthy, and whole


Practices for self care involve reading and napping on the porch or next to her fireplace. Favorite books are anything by Brené Brown or on the topic of self development.


Laura serves patients and their loved ones at Hospice by providing Reiki, pet therapy visits, and co-facilitating grief and caregiver support groups.

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